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About Us

Who are LomCorp

We are a multinational gaming community spanning the globe. Our goal is to have a open culture where everyone can contribute and is part of the team, but participation is solely up to the member. You want to just casually play a few times a week? LomCorp is for you. You want to delve into politics, run logistics, or command fleets into battle? LomCorp has a place for you as well.

Our main focus is on cooperative games and gameplay where the strong teamwork and organisational skills of our members can shine. We also understand how gaming is often more than just something on your computer. Your online friends become real friends, and gaming spills into real life. Our members attend conventions across the world, meeting up to share in the love of our games and enjoy hanging out face to face. Every year several conventions and meetups are planned for members to attend, in multiple countries.

Our Story

LomCorp began with 4 friends back in late 2010 in the spaceship MMO Eve Online. We formed a tiny corporation of 10 members called Lom Corporation. We dreamt of expanding and developing as an industrial corporation. What started as a small community evolved into a corporation of roughly 40 members from 5 different countries, drawn in by our success as an industrial corporation and welcoming social group. Our teamwork and organisation, learned and refined throughout the years, has resulted in our community standing the test of time and continuing to expand and evolve to this day. We have begun branching out into other cooperative games, but Eve Online will always be our roots.

Our Philosophy

- Focus on the fun and all else will follow.
Since founding the community we have always focused on having a relaxed fun environment for players to login into. We take great strides to make sure we do things that everyone will enjoy and this spans both the real world and the video games we play together.

- It’s best to do one thing really, really well.
Our community thrives on challenge and being able to do what we do at the best of our ability. We will always find an aspect we enjoy and focus to become the very best we can. It’s a core philosophy which makes our group so strong and shows against the test of time.

- You can be serious without a suit.
We formed our community on the idea that we should challenge ourselves in a fun way that can be enjoyable by everyone. Our atmosphere may be causal but when goals need to be achieved we always band together and work hard to get them done.


Eve Online

“This is EVE”
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The Vagabond (rip Mr Lomz)

Rooks and Kings

Clarion Call 3
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Mister K
Iron Clad


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Games We Play

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